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description can not consist solely of keywords, and must contain a minimum of 200 characters.
Description and title page must be in English.
Site Description must be unique, can not contain the same keywords.
The addition of direct links to the description page.
Do not add to the catalog pages:
- Directing to specific pages, directories and files on the site,
- Redirect to another page,
- Under construction,
- Erotic, pornographic,escorts
- Breaking the law (pharma, warez, p2p, drugs, violence,gambling),
- A low content,
- The excessive amount of advertisements that bring users in error,
- Infected with a virus (such as an iframe),
- All Online Pharmacy and Payday Loan sites WILL BE REJECTED.
Entries added to the directory, they are for an indefinite period. There is no guaranteed time of issue.
Links will be active as long as there will be a directory.
Editors reserves the right to change the directory title or description page.
Adding an entry to the directory you agree to the provisions of these Regulations.
Fee for adding pages to the directory in no case be refunded.
Waiting time for the consideration of up to 90 days for Regular links with reciprocal. Regular Links up to 7 days, Featured links up to 1 day
Submissions violating the above rules will be automatically rejected, and the money collected for the application site, will not be refunded.
Administration reserves the right to change the regulations. The new rules apply from the moment they are published on this site.

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Kdir is a relatively new directory websites on the internet because it is already about 2 years. The catalog is paid and moderated. Do not get fooled by a small number of the presented pages. In some directory all about quality and not how many pages have been accepted. The catalog will be promoted in the near future and the pages that are already here will benefit the most. Some people know that the Google algorithm is constantly at once more demanding and to succeed you need to meet the challenges. The sooner the better.

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